What They’re Saying: Fall Economic Statement

November 22, 2018

The Liberal government is focused on delivering real change for our middle class, investing in Canadians and making sure that everyone has a real and fair chance to succeed. With yesterday’s Fall Economic Statement, delivered by Bill Morneau, it’s clear that our plan to grow the economy is getting results.

More than half a million new full time jobs. Unemployment at a 40-year low. Increased wages. Lower taxes for the middle class and small businesses. Making Canada the most globally connected economy in the world. More support for strong and independent Canadian journalism, and a new Social Finance Fund.

We know there’s still much more work to do, and the Liberal government is continuing to build on the promises made in 2015 to strengthen the middle class and grow the economy.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what they’re saying:

“By taking concrete action now to make Canada a more attractive place to invest and do business, the government can set the stage for stronger growth, higher middle-class incomes and a better future for Canadians of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Economic growth drives the tax revenues that are required to pay for health care, hospitals, schools and other services that are essential to a healthy and productive society.”
Goldy HyderPresident and CEO, Business Council of Canada[Source]

“The creation of a Social Finance Fund is an important first step towards a social innovation and social finance strategy for Canada that will accelerate innovative solutions to our most complex social challenges. We welcome the government’s commitment to strengthening social investment and readiness.”
Michael ToyeExecutive Director, Canadian Community Economic Development Network

“The new labour tax credit for local journalism is what’s been needed to help save local news.”
Jerry DiasNational President, UNIFOR[Source]

“This fiscal update shows that the Federal Government is taking the right steps to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of Canada’s agricultural sector…It is very heartening to see the government is listening to farmers and, more importantly, acting on what they hear.”
Ron BonnettPresident, Canadian Federation of Agriculture[Source]

“Democracy needs reporters working their beats to produce original news, so tax measures to relieve labour costs are critical in today’s disrupted news environment, And allowing philanthropy to fund non-profit news organizations introduces an important new source of financing for quality journalism.”
Edward GreensponPresident and CEO, Public Policy Forum

“Faster write-offs for new investment, regulatory reform and concrete actions to accelerate the removal of barriers to trade within Canada are all important steps in the right direction, and we applaud the government’s initiatives in these areas.”
Perrin BeattyPresident and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce[Source]

“The Fall Economic Statement sends a positive signal to Canadian steel producers and their workers. Thank you to the Government of Canada for your continuous support of our sector.”
Steel Producers[Source]

“The outcome of this was a true industry and government partnership recognizing that reducing regulatory barriers benefits both businesses and consumers by promoting investment, lowering the price of consumer goods and creating more opportunities for middle-class Canadians.”
Ralph SuppaPresident and General Manager, Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating[Source]