Andrew Scheer announces $7.5 billion in cuts to jobs and workers

September 18, 2019

Mississauga, ON – Today Andrew Scheer revealed his deep cuts will target $7.5 billion in direct support for jobs and workers across the country.

“Andrew Scheer needs to tell Canadians what jobs and workers he will target. Will he cut support for 6,900 steel workers in Hamilton, 200 aerospace workers in Nova Scotia, 2,100 steel workers in Regina and across Western Canada, or 450 cleantech jobs in British Columbia?” said Liberal candidate for Markham—Thornhill, Mary Ng. “Andrew Scheer is doing exactly what Conservative politicians do; they pretend they’re for the people during the election, then they cut taxes for the wealthy and cut services for everyone else – in this case, thousands of jobs across the country.”

“Included in Andrew Scheer’s announcement today are steel workers across Canada. In the face of punishing U.S. steel tariffs, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government invested $100 million to protect 6,900 steel jobs in Hamilton alone. Andrew Scheer just turned his back on those steel workers,” said Ng.

“Andrew Scheer today promised he will cut $7.5 billion in jobs support – but his math doesn’t add up. What else will he cut?” said Ng. “Like Doug Ford, Andrew Scheer is promising cuts on a five-year timeline to balance the budget. The problem is that today’s announcement is far from the $39 billion he needs to cut to pay for all his campaign announcements so far.”