Accelerating Our net-zero Industrial Transformation

Through the Net-Zero Accelerator, Liberals have a plan to invest $8 billion to accelerate green jobs and Canada’s industrial transformation. This fund has already unlocked private investments that will reduce our GHG emissions by up to 6 million tonnes per year. This is equivalent to taking more than 1.9 million passenger vehicles off the road.

A re elected Liberal government will:

  • Advance green industrial strategies and continue investing funds from the Net-Zero Accelerator in strategic opportunities and make sure that Canada claims more than our fair share of growing clean growth opportunities.
  • Increase effort to galvanize the resources of the private sector and financial institutions towards building a climate-resilient economy through more action on sustainable finance, with details to come in platform.
  • Protect Canadian jobs and competitiveness through smart carbon pricing design.
  • Move forward, in collaboration with key trading partners, like the United States and European Union, on applying Border Carbon Adjustments to imports from countries that aren’t doing their part to reduce carbon pollution and fight climate change. This includes considering applying Border Carbon Adjustments on imports of steel, cement, aluminium and other emissions-intensive industries, similar to the European Union’s approach.