Growing the Market for Low Carbon Products

Canada is home to some of the cleanest products in the world thanks to our low-carbon electricity grid, abundant natural resources, and ability to draw on cutting-edge research and technology. Since 2017, our Greening Government Strategy has been prioritizing low-carbon building materials in federal infrastructure projects, greening the federal government’s vehicle fleet, and creating data-sharing tools for low-carbon products.

To expand this work beyond the federal government, a re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Introduce a new Buy Clean Strategy to support and prioritize the use of made-in-Canada low-carbon products in public and private infrastructure projects. The strategy will be built on three pillars: what governments buy, what governments invest in, and the set of rules governments create for themselves and the private sector.

By directing public dollars towards Canadian-made low-carbon materials like steel, aluminium, copper, and wood, we will build stronger supply chains and increase our competitive advantage in the global market for clean products. This will keep money and jobs in our economy, while helping to fight climate change.