A World-Leader in Clean technology

Creative solutions and innovative technologies are key to helping the world tackle climate change, plastic waste, biodiversity loss, and other environmental challenges we face. The global clean technology sector is already a multi-trillion dollar sector, and continues to grow rapidly. Clean technology now employs more than 211,000 Canadians, and the number of jobs are expected to grow by almost 50% by 2030. And Canada is now ranked second on the Global Clean Technology Innovation Index, rising from seventh spot in 2014.

To scale-up of our clean technology companies and build on Canada’s position as a world leader, a re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Develop an investment tax credit of up to 30% for a range of clean technologies including low carbon and net-zero technologies with input from external experts on what technologies should be covered.
  • Enhance advisory services for emerging clean technology firms to guide them, from formation to export, on the opportunities and challenges before them.
  • Provide support and incentives for domestic procurement of Canadian clean technology. By partnering with other levels of government and existing large companies, we can help emerging Canadian clean technology firms secure customers here in Canada.
  • Triple funding for cleantech on farms, including for renewable energy, precision agriculture, and energy efficiency.
  • Partner with post-secondary institutions and Indigenous organizations to accelerate the creation and growth of Indigenous clean technology businesses.

A clean economy will grow faster and stronger through the rapid scale up of clean technologies that help us all live more sustainable and healthier lives.