Survey: Your Movement 2020

April 23, 2020

I know there’s been nothing ordinary about these past few weeks – and I hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and healthy through it all.

Over these past six weeks, our entire focus as a party has been on getting out the crucial information and announcements that Canadians need so we can get through this difficult time together. That will continue to be our priority, and our Liberal government will continue doing everything possible to support Canadian workers, families, and businesses.

Right now, nothing about our daily lives is the same. That’s part of why it’s hard to believe that this week marks exactly six months since Election Day 2019, when Canadians voted to give Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team a new mandate to keep Canada moving forward.

It’s National Volunteer Week, too – and both milestones have me thinking about the incredible hope of hard work of the 90,000+ Liberal volunteers who made more than 21 million knocks and calls on the road to E-Day.

That’s why LPC President Suzanne Cowan, M.P. Omar Alghabra, and I joined EDA Chairs and other grassroots Liberal leaders from across Canada last week for a conversation about our government’s progress and our work to engage Canadians in our Liberal movement throughout 2020 and beyond.

Now we want to hear from you in our new Your Movement 2020 Survey.

While our teams and supporters can’t gather in person for now, the need to keep building a better future for all Canadians means our democratic engagement work is more important than ever.

You’re at the heart of this team. We want to hear from you about what tools you need to connect with your community online about our progress, to help us organize strong Liberal volunteer teams virtually, and to keep growing our open and inclusive movement in every part of Canada.

Take the Your Movement 2020 Survey

It only takes 2 minutes, and our whole team is looking forward to your thoughts.

Thanks for your support and ideas, and all my best.

Azam Ishmael
National Director, Liberal Party of Canada