Trudeau unveils Liberal platform for a strong middle class

October 5, 2015

WATERLOO, ON – Today, Justin Trudeau is unveiling the Liberal Party of Canada’s full election platform focused on delivering real change now for middle class Canadians. 

“Stephen Harper wants us to think that if it weren’t for him, our economy would fall apart. But Canada’s economy doesn’t depend on him. It depends on Canadians. It depends on the people I meet all across this country, every single day,” said Mr. Trudeau. “People want economic growth, good jobs, and more money in their pockets. They want to see their voices and values represented in Ottawa. Canadians want a better government, not just a different one. It’s time for real change, and that is exactly what the Liberal plan provides.” 

The Liberal plan for a strong middle class will invest to build Canada again. As part of our platform, we will provide direct support to low- and middle-income students, so they can afford a quality education and build a strong future. Liberals will create jobs by making the most significant infrastructure investment in Canadian history. We will raise taxes on the wealthiest one percent, so we can cut taxes for the middle class. We will also offer more support to those working hard to join the middle class by giving families more money to help with the high cost of raising their kids, and investing in essential social infrastructure, including affordable housing and child care.

“Our plan will bring open and honest government back to Ottawa. We’ll earn Canadians’ trust by putting our trust in Canadians,” said Mr. Trudeau. “After the Harper decade, in this election, we have a chance to make Canada better. We can grow our communities, help Canadian families, and leave our kids and grandkids with a better country. We can beat cynicism with hard work. By working with Canadians, we can and will build a better Canada.”

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Platform – A New Plan for a Strong Middle Class