You made this possible

October 30, 2017

Waiting for election results is a bit like skydiving.

There’s fear, there’s excitement — you know you’ve done everything you could, you’re as ready as you’ll ever be — but until the very last moment, you don’t know exactly what will happen.

That’s how I felt on by-election night as the polls closed and the waiting began. I was humbled and extremely grateful at the support I received from the people in Lac-Saint-Jean, but also supporters like you from across the country who offered help along the way — and then the news broke: I was elected the first Liberal Member of Parliament from Lac-Saint-Jean in more than 37 years.

Lac-Saint-Jean is proof that your actions — yes, your actions — can make a real difference.

Results like this don’t happen by chance — it took a lot of hard work, planning, commitment, and energy. My team and volunteers worked tirelessly, knocking on doors and making phone calls, asking for support and ideas, and getting out the vote. This is the work that wins elections, and this is the work that needs your support.

It is a great honour to represent Lac-Saint-Jean in the House of Commons, and I will work hard every day to stand up for middle class families and a better future for all Canadians. I also hope to welcome more new Liberal MPs after upcoming by-elections in the months ahead!

But, victories like ours in Lac-Saint-Jean only happen when we work together. Chip in now to be part of the next one.

Be part of the next victory  

You helped make this possible, and only you can make it happen again.

With all my gratitude,

Richard Hébert
MP, Lac-Saint-Jean