20 Things for 2020

December 10, 2019

Ready for a new year of progress?

Since 2015, Justin Trudeau and our Liberal movement have been making real and positive change possible for Canadians.

But there’s so much more to do, and with Parliament back in session and the new year (and new decade!) just a few weeks away, here are 20 things for our movement to look forward to in 2020:

  1. Beating new grassroots fundraising records! With 2 million individual donations contributing to the success of this movement since 2016, we know there are no records out of reach for this movement when we work together.
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  3. Even more volunteers. Over 90,000 Canadians put their hands up to volunteer with the Liberal team on the road to Election Day 2019, and we aren’t slowing down – we’re ready to grow this movement in every part of Canada!
  4. Rachel Bendayan and her team of volunteers

  5. Starting even more conversations with Canadians in 2020, to build on the 21 million knocks and calls made before and during the 2019 campaign.
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  7. Getting ready for the 2020 Liberal National Convention taking place in Ottawa next November!
  8. November 2020, Ottawa #Lib2020

  9. And speaking of the 2020 Liberal National Convention, stay tuned for more details soon on our open and inclusive policy process for you to advance your best new ideas!
  10. Growing our number of Registered Liberals – more than 250,000 new registered Liberals have jumped on board since 2016. Let’s keep up that momentum! Register as a Liberal now to help bring forward new policy ideas in 2020 and grow our Liberal team in your community.
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  12. Growing the Liberal team’s social media communities, to engage our movement and reach more Canadians all across the country with #PositivePolitics.
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  14. Investing in new technology, training, and campaign tools to ensure we’re ready to run competitive campaign at any time, so we can continue our progress long past 2020.
  15. More Canadians sporting their Liberal colours, especially our new one-of-a-kind Liberal toque and limited-edition Liberal scarf.
  16. A new session of Parliament (now underway!) to keep making life better and more affordable for Canadian families.
  17. In 2020, our Liberal government will also be moving forward with our plan to deliver real and positive change for Canadians, as we work together to invest in the middle class, grow our economy, keep our communities safe, and protect our environment.

    More than 30,000 Canadians answered our Priorities for Parliament survey last month, and these were your top 10 responses about which commitments mattered most to you in our 2019 Platform:

  18. Cutting taxes for the middle class, and lowering cell phone bills by 25%
  19. Justin Trudeau smiling and giving a high-five to a kid

  20. Working to ensure that every Canadian has access to a family doctor, mental health services, affordable prescription drugs, and home care and palliative care when they need it
  21. Committing Canada to net-zero emissions by 2050
  22. Increasing the Old Age Security benefit by 10% for seniors when they turn 75
  23. Justin Trudeau having a conversation with a senior

  24. Banning military-style assault rifles and strengthening gun control in Canada
  25. Making student grants more generous and student loans more affordable
  26. Helping families retrofit their homes to lower energy costs and be prepared in the event of a flood
  27. Justin Trudeau visting a housing development under construction in Vancouver. He his holding a child with his left arm

  28. More help for first-time home buyers, and tackling housing speculation by non-resident, non-Canadian foreign owners
  29. Increasing the Canada Child Benefit by 15% for families with kids under one, and making maternity and parental benefits tax-free up front
  30. Cutting taxes in half for companies that produce zero emissions technologies

To move forward with this progress and so much more, we need your support to ensure a strong start to 2020 and this new mandate.

Chip in now to support Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team, and help ensure a strong start to 2020.

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