Budget 2018: Giving every Canadian a real and fair chance at success

February 27, 2018

The 2018 federal budget, tabled today, is the next step in making that vision a reality — building on the inspiring progress we’ve seen over the last two years to strengthen our middle class and invest in Canadians.

With the 2018 Federal Budget, tabled today, the Liberal government is putting forward the next phase of our plan to deliver a competitive, diverse and inclusive Canada where everyone has that opportunity to succeed. It will:

  • Help ensure equality of opportunity for women – and all Canadians – with new ways to share parental responsibilities with their partners, new legislation and leadership to address the gender pay gap, and benefits to allow parents to return to work sooner.
  • Create a new Advisory Council on the Implementation of a National Pharmacare Program, which will propose a path forward on pharmacare that puts Canadians first.
  • Help close the gap between the quality of life between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, through increased community support, accelerated progress on clean drinking water, better housing, and employment, and support for the recognition of rights and self determination.
  • Reduce taxes for small businesses, providing them with more money to invest, grow, and create new jobs.
  • Put more money in the pockets of those who need it the most, by improving access to the Canada Child Benefit and introducing the new Canada Workers Benefit.
  • Make the single largest investment in fundamental research, and one of the most significant commitments to nature conservation, in Canada’s history.

However, despite the incredible progress made so far and the impressive economic results being delivered by Canadians, Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party have made it clear they’ll do everything in their power to undo it all. And we know they’ll be ready to immediately oppose this forward-looking budget, regardless of the crucial ways it offers real help for Canadian families.

And that’s why your continued support is so crucial. Add your name to show your support for the continued dedication of the Liberal team to deliver a plan that helps all Canadians have a real and fair chance at success.

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