Liberals oppose Conservative gun bill

November 26, 2014

OTTAWA – The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Bill C-42:

“The Liberal Party of Canada feels strongly that Bill C-42, currently before Parliament, contains aspects that will put Canadians’ safety at risk.

“First, it eliminates the need for owners of prohibited and restricted firearms to have a transportation license to carry those guns in their vehicles. This means they could freely transport handguns or automatic weapons anywhere within their province, whether to a grocery store or a soccer field.

“Secondly, it would take the power to classify firearms out of the hands of the police – the experts in keeping Canadians safe – and put it in the hands of politicians like Stephen Harper. And it would allow those decisions to be made without Parliamentary approval or oversight.

“We think Canadians will agree that this is wrong.

“That said, we support several elements in this legislation. We agree that there should be a streamlining of licencing paperwork, that safety training requirements should be tightened, and that we must make it harder for those convicted of domestic offences to obtain a firearm.

“Instead of ramming this bill through as-is, we are encouraging the government to split C-42 in order to help expedite the acceptable measures through Parliament.

“We will not bring back a gun registry, but we do need smart and well-crafted gun control legislation. In its current form, C-42 is neither; instead, it makes Canadians less safe.

“That is why the Liberal Party of Canada cannot and will not support this bill.”