What They’re Saying: #HowWeUseTheCCB

July 9, 2018

Thanks to the Canada Child Benefit, 9 out of 10 families are getting more money to provide for their children. On July 20th, the CCB will increase to keep up with the cost of living, giving Canadian parents even more money each month for clothing, school supplies, and more.

How do YOU use the CCB?

Lynne S.“We save it up in a separate account for a rainy day. And if it’s only clear skies it’ll either become an RESP or be used to make a big purchase that’ll improve our life #HowWeUseTheCCB

Renée P.“Very grateful for these government benefits. I have a child with exceptional needs who requires 1/1 care at all times. Due to his serious health issues daycare was not an option until now at 4 years old. Now I can manage to work part-time. This benefit increase your party implemented helps provide a healthy stable way of life for my sons. Thank you Trudeau ❤️”

Beth“We use it to get my son the learning support he needs in his school, and to help cover the cost of our car! This makes it easier for me to focus on my education, so I can work to permanently improve our financial situation. #HowWeUseTheCCB

Melinda H.“Thank you! We are a family of 7 with 2 incomes and barely make it. We really appreciate this!”

Laura“We deposit our CCB into the kids RESP. This allows us to double up on the government support for our family. #HowWeUseTheCCB

Jill A.“We no longer receive it and I couldn’t be happier about that. Public investments to support families should be targeted. #goodpolicy #HowWeUseTheCCB

Stargrace“It has been a blessing here in our house, with one small one (and a second one due shortly) the difference has been noticeable to us. We use it for clothes & bills, cost of food etc here up North is significantly higher than the norm. #HowWeUseTheCCB