A New Framework for Indigenous Long-term Care

The pandemic has widened existing health gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and highlighted the lack of long-term care services in or near Indigenous communities. In addition, COVID-19 made it even more difficult for Indigenous peoples to access culturally appropriate programming and services. Furthermore, the complexity of various health systems can further impede Indigenous peoples’ ability to access the care they deserve. But we know more work is necessary to close the gap.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Co-develop a distinctions-based, community-led, Indigenous Long-term and Continuing Care Framework that prioritizes ensuring Indigenous peoples can receive long-term and continuing care services in or near their own communities and culturally appropriate care and programming, whether they are in urban, rural, and northern areas.
  • Bolster Indigenous health system navigators so they can provide dedicated support to Indigenous people and their families to specifically help them navigate services related to long-term and continuing care.