Access to Justice

We will give more support to survivors and victims and help bring more criminals to justice.

Canadian communities are overwhelmingly safe places to live, but when crime does occur, it’s essential that people get the support they need, and that perpetrators be brought to justice.

225 more judges to improve access to justice

To ensure that the rights of survivors and victims, and the principles of justice are upheld, we will move forward with:

  • providing free legal aid to survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, to make sure that they have access to quality, affordable legal representation;
  • establishing an independent Criminal Case Review Commission, to make it easier and faster for potentially wrongfully convicted people to have their applications reviewed;
  • requiring that all judges in Canada undertake mandatory training on sexual assault law, including myths and stereotypes about victims and the effects of trauma on victims’ memory (the “Ambrose bill”); and
  • providing additional support to the provinces and territories, to enable them to hire as many as 425 new Crown prosecutors, and 225 new judges, to help reduce delays.