Career Insurance Benefit

Losing a job at any time is hard. But transitioning out of a job you’ve had for years can be especially difficult because of the time and effort it takes to start a new career.

This leaves workers vulnerable to having to accept a job just to get by, even if the better long-term investment might have been to go back to school and train for something else.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Establish an EI Career Insurance Benefit. This benefit will be available to people who have worked continuously for the same employer for five or more years and are laid off when the business closes. The Career Insurance Benefit will kick in after regular EI ends, providing an additional 20% of insured earnings in the first year following the layoff, and an extra 10% in the second year. This will give workers up to an almost $16,900 over two years, providing significant help at a difficult time.