Creating Beyond a Million Jobs

Nearly One Million Jobs Created in One Year
Source: Statistics Canada.

One year ago, we launched a campaign to create over one million jobs and backed it up with major investments to extend supports, assist people and businesses with transition, and invest in the recovery.

Thanks to our emergency programs and the hard work of Canadians, we are almost at our goal of creating one million jobs. To date, Canada has recovered 92% of jobs lost during the pandemic. By comparison, the United States has only recovered 75% of jobs lost. We have nearly reached this milestone of a million jobs created despite second and third waves, because we committed to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to get Canadians through the pandemic.

Recovery is underway in Canada. But recovery can’t just be about getting back to the way things were before. It should be about making things better. It’s about making work fairer, so that no one working full-time in Canada earns a wage that isn’t livable. It’s about equipping Canadians with the skills they want and need to be able to earn a good living. It’s about making Canada a global leader in the race for talent and making it easier and fairer for Canadians to get a job by removing barriers to work such as child care.

It’s about securing our ability to harness the resources we have in Canada to drive clean growth around the world and securing our own supply chains in critical goods and services. It’s about helping our businesses grow, especially small businesses, and making them competitive in our digital future. It’s about the innovation, entrepreneurship, and determination of Canadians.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Restore employment to pre-pandemic levels—going beyond one million jobs—and ensure that the jobs that are created are good, well-paying jobs.