More National Parks and Marine Conservation Areas

To protect and conserve nature across the country, the Liberal government made the two single-largest investments in nature conservation in Canadian history—$1.3 billion in Budget 2018 and $3.3 billion in Budget 2021—which will allow us to protect a quarter of our lands and marine areas by 2025.

A re-elected Liberal government will build on this progress and continue to protect more nature by:

  • Establishing 10 new national parks and 10 new national marine conservation areas (NMCAs) in the next 5 years—doubling the size of the existing national parks and NMCA system in Canada.
  • Working with Indigenous communities on co-management agreements of these national parks and NMCAs.
  • Continuing to work with partners to ensure Canada meets its goals to conserve 25% of our lands and waters by 2025 and 30% of each by 2030.
  • Working to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030 in Canada and achieving a full recovery for nature by 2050. This includes championing this goal internationally to ensure that the world protects the intact nature required to reverse the biodiversity collapse and protect our climate.