Zero Plastic Waste by 2030

Currently, only 9% of the plastics that we use are recycled, and tonnes of plastics, worth billions of dollars, are being thrown into landfills. Increasing recycling rates and extending the life cycle of plastics isn’t just an environmental imperative, it’s an economic opportunity.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Require that all plastic packaging in Canada contain at least 50% recycled content by 2030.
  • Accelerate the implementation of our zero plastic waste action plan, in partnership with provinces and territories, and ensure Canada’s actions are consistent with other leading jurisdictions.
  • Continue to work with provinces and territories to ensure that it’s producers, not taxpayers, who are responsible for the cost of managing their plastic waste.
  • Work with provinces and territories to implement and enforce an ambitious recycling target for plastic beverage bottles.
  • Strengthen federal procurement practices to prioritize reusable and recyclable products and support our goal of zero plastic waste.
  • Introduce labelling rules that prohibit the use of the chasing-arrows symbol unless 80% of Canada’s recycling facilities accept and have reliable end markets for these products.
  • Support provincial and territorial producer responsibility efforts by establishing a federal public registry and require producers to annually report the amount, type, and end-of-life management for plastics in the Canadian economy.