RCMP Reform

All Canadians should be treated fairly and safely by our public safety agencies. However, Black and Indigenous people are far more likely to have fatal encounters with the RCMP. Furthermore, the RCMP was revealed as having limited external oversight and found, in a 2020 report, to have a culture that permits harassment within its own ranks.

As our federal law enforcement agency, with a motto “Maintiens le droit,” we must hold it to a highest standard, and ensure that it protects and respects all Canadians. This means ensuring stronger external oversight and bringing about cultural change to eliminate harassment within its own ranks.

A re-elected Liberal government will reform the RCMP with seven key measures:

  • Enhance the current Management Advisory Board to be in line with other Canadian police services to have full oversight over the RCMP.
  • Bring forward clear timelines for compliance with the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission recommendations.
  • Support an external review of the RCMP’s sanctions and disciplinary regime to review the adequacy of existing sanctions and whether sanctions are being properly applied.
  • Prohibit RCMP against using neck restraints and prohibit the use of tear gas or rubber bullets for crowd control.
  • Make the new Independent Centre for Harassment Resolution fully external to the RCMP to ensure there can be no conflicts of interest while reviewing complaints.
  • Commit to a full external review of current deescalation training to ensure this training results in the safest possible outcomes for both officers and Canadians.
  • Work with the provinces, territories, and municipalities that contract RCMP services to make the service better connected to community social support workers.