A Right to Repair Your Home Appliances

The lifetime of our home appliances has dramatically reduced over the past decade and it is often cheaper to replace it than repair it. That means people are paying more for appliances they are using for less time. And more and more appliances are ending up in landfills. This is costing the middle class and creating a real environmental problem. It shouldn’t be this way.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Implement a “right to repair”to extend the life of home appliances, particularly electronics, by requiring manufacturers to supply repair manuals and spare parts and facilitate their replication after the part is no longer produced.
  • Introduce a new 15% tax credit to cover the cost of home appliance repairs performed by technicians (up to $500).
  • Introduce a bill that includes provisions to better inform citizens of the environmental impacts of consumer products.
  • Require businesses to inform Canadians of the environmental impacts of consumer products.
  • Amend the Copyright Act to ensure that its provisions cannot prevent the repair of digital devices and systems, even when nothing is being copied or distributed.