Natural Climate Solutions

Resilient and protected nature is essential for fighting climate change. Nature offers a two-fold benefit, capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere and protecting communities from climate change’s impact by acting as a buffer to flooding and extreme heat.

To continue protecting more nature and fighting climate change, a re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Continue planting 2 billion trees across the country, creating roughly 4,300 jobs.
  • Restore and enhance more wetlands, grasslands, and peatlands, to capture and store carbon.
  • Increase support to farmers to develop and adopt agricultural management practices to reduce emissions, store carbon in healthy soil, and enhance resiliency. Cover cropping, rotational grazing and nitrogen management are all part of a green farming plan for Canada.

This plan will not only protect nature and help fight climate change, but also create jobs, help farmers, and help preserve biodiversity across the country.