Supporting Canadian Music, Film and Television

As more and more of us stream shows, movies, and music on multinational digital platforms instead of tuning into Canadian TV and Radio, Canadian creators and audiences are at real risk of being edged out by foreign giants. We need a Broadcasting Act that’s built for today’s world.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Within the first 100 days, reintroduce legislation to reform the Broadcasting Act to ensure foreign web giants contribute to the creation and promotion of Canadian stories and music.
  • Modernize the institutions (Telefilm, National Film Board, Canada Media Fund) and funding tools that support Canada’s audio-visual sector, including video games, in order to make funding platform-agnostic and open to more traditionally underrepresented storytellers, while favouring Canadian productions over foreign ones and ensuring that Canadians are better equipped to own and benefit from the content that they produce.
  • Support Canadian feature films by permanently increasing funding to Telefilm Canada by $50 million.
  • Support Canadian television productions by doubling the government contribution, over three years, to the Canada Media Fund.
  • Increase the proportion of funding for French audiovisual content at Telefilm and the Canada Media Fund from 33% to 40% to support a better presence of French-language productions.
  • Ensure better and stable funding for the music sector by increasing the annual contribution to the Canada Music Fund to $50 million by 2024-2025.
  • Provide the Indigenous Screen Office with $13 million per year, permanently, so more Indigenous stories can be told and seen.