Modernizing CBC/Radio-Canada

CBC/Radio-Canada is a fundamental Canadian institution. Decreasing advertising revenues for all broadcasters are putting Canada’s public broadcaster under increasing pressure. In our rapidly evolving world, CBC/Radio-Canada’s mandate needs an update.

A re-elected Liberal Government would:

  • Update CBC/Radio-Canada’s mandate to ensure that it is meeting the needs and expectation of today’s Canadian audiences, with a unique programming that distinguishes it from private broadcasters.
  • Reaffirm the role of the public broadcaster in protecting and promoting the French language and Francophone cultures in Quebec and across the country.
  • Increase production of national, regional, and local news.
  • Strengthen Radio Canada International, our voice for peace, democracy, and universal human values on the world stage.
  • Ensure that Indigenous voices and cultures are present on our screens and radios.
  • Bring Canada’s TV and film productions to the world stage.
  • Provide $400 million over 4 years to CBC/Radio-Canada so that itis less reliant on private advertising with a goal of eliminating advertising during news and other public affairs shows.