Promoting Democracy and Human Rights

With foreign threats and interference on the rise and the impact of authoritarian trends more widespread, now more than ever, itis time to place the promotion of democracy, human rights, and rule of law at the centre of our foreign policy. We stand with citizens and activists around the world who are risking their safety to demand democratic rights and freedoms and will continue to promote democracy and human rights alongside civil society and international partners.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Make Canada’s commitment to democracy and human rights a core strategic priority, including expanding fast and flexible support for fragile and emerging democracies, increasing Canada’s diplomatic presence in regions of strategic importance, and working more closely with democratic partners to promote open, transparent, and inclusive governance around the world.
  • Establish a Canadian Centre for Peace, Order and Good Government to expand the availability of Canadian expertise and assistance to those seeking to build peace, advance justice, promote human rights, inclusion, and democracy, and deliver good governance.
  • Establish Canada as a safe haven for those facing persecution by leading the world in providing safe resettlement to those fleeing political or security crises, especially human rights defenders, journalists, feminists, LGBTQ2 activists, members of religious or ethnic minorities at risk, and other persecuted groups who remain under threat. We will expand the new immigration stream for human rights defenders and work with civil society groups to ensure safe passage and resettlement of people under threat, including from Afghanistan.
  • Continue to help support Afghan citizens through humanitarian assistance and to work with our allies to protect democratic and human rights, including for women, girls, and minorities. We will continue to facilitate the safe passage and resettlement of Afghan citizens and will increase the number of eligible refugees from 20,000 to 40,000. Many of these individuals will be women, children and minorities fleeing the Taliban, or individuals who supported Canada and our allies over the past two decades. As with the Syrians who have resettled in Canada over the past five years, these individuals will enrich our communities and make invaluable contributions to Canadian society.
  • Expand the broad coalition of more than 65 states that have supported Canada’s initiative to condemn and eradicate the practice of arbitrary detention and advance an action plan to coordinate collective international responses to specific incidents of arbitrary detention.
  • Enable staff at Canada’s embassies around the world to support the work of feminists, LGBTQ2 activists, and human rights defenders by quadrupling our annual investment in the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.
  • Defend the right to free expression and oppose the mistreatment or arbitrary detention of journalists, building on the Media Freedom Coalition that we established with the UK.
  • Support women leaders and feminist groups who are leading efforts to promote peace and protect the rights of women and vulnerable groups, including new funding through the Women’s Voice and Leadership program.
  • Help establish an International Anti-Corruption Court, to prevent corrupt officials and authoritarian governments from raiding the resources of their citizens and impeding development.
  • Continue to engage with our international allies and partners and convene a multilateral meeting to raise additional humanitarian funds and build consensus on how to support and establish an enduring democracy in Lebanon.