Our Clean Power Advantage

Canada has one of the cleanest power grids in the world. But a key challenge is that we do not have a national power grid. And our regional grids do not all connect. This limits the reach of our clean power sources. Just as past Canadian governments invested in the national railway and highways, we can partner with provinces and territories to develop a truly national power grid that will secure affordable and net-zero power for all Canadians and create good jobs.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Introduce a Clean Electricity Standard that will set Canada on a path to cut more emissions by 2030 and to achieve a 100% net-zero emitting electricity system by 2035.
  • Develop additional investment tax credits for a range of renewable energy and battery storage solutions, to accelerate the deployment of clean energy.
  • Create a Pan-Canadian Grid Council to promote infrastructure investments, smart grids, grid integration, and electricity sector innovation with the goal of making Canada the most reliable, costeffective, and carbon-free electricity producer in the world.

This will build on work we have already done to make clean power more readily available, including working with Atlantic Canada and Quebec on the Atlantic Loop, to improve how electricity is generated and moved within and between those provinces.