Bringing Canadian Culture to the World

Canada has some of the best artists and performers in the world, but there is very little support available for creative industries to share their creations abroad. By finding ways to bring the work of Canadian artists and creators to the world stage, we can harness the impact of their extraordinary talents and reputations to increase the impact of Canada’s diplomacy.

A re-elected Liberal Government will:

  • Help Canadian cultural industries succeed abroad by issuing a mandate to BDC and EDC to support the growth of creative industries in new markets.
  • Launch a new cultural diplomacy strategy with an annual budget of $20 million per year to leverage the work done by our artists and cultural industries to support Canada’s diplomatic goals.
  • Forge an international coalition to work on a new UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Content Online.
  • Celebrate Canada’s unique francophone cultures through the promotion of the French language across our diplomatic missions and in our work to transform the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie.