Gender and Diversity Impact Summary: Building a Better Canada, For Everyone

55% of people in core housing need are women-led households.Immigrant women are at an even greater risk of housing insecurity because they are often financially dependent on their spouse or family. Increasing the supply of affordable housing, protecting renters from evictions, facilitating multi-generational living, and working to end chronic homelessness will benefit women in all their diversity, as well as other vulnerable groups including LGBTQ2, Indigenous peoples, and youth.

Persistent social norms mean that women continue to spend more time unpaid care work, including child care. Statistics Canada shows nearly one in 10 parents (mostly women) of children under six have had to change their work schedule due to a lack of available child care. Our planned investments in early and learning child care are essential in ensuring that women can fully participate in the economy and that no family is unable to send their children to child care because of cost.

According to the OECD, women are 50% more likely than men to report that they regularly take care of ill, disabled, or elderly adult relatives. Our plan to address the burden of unpaid work will facilitate women’s participation in the paid labour force and create good jobs in sectors where women work. Additionally, the increase in the Home Accessibility Tax Credit will support the creation of new jobs and allow caregivers, mostly women, to return to the labour market.

Our plan to increase the GIS and the CPP Survivors’ benefit will have a particularly positive impact on women. 75% of seniors living in poverty are women.

Young people have suffered some of the worst economic and mental health impacts of the pandemic. Our support for students will particularly benefit young women, who represent 66% of those who participate in the Repayment Assistance Plan. What is more, 75% of mental illnesses begin before age 24, and LGBTQ2 and Indigenous students are particularly vulnerable to experiencing mental disorders.